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Gather together corresponding elements from multiple lists

Given several lists, gather together the first element from every list, the second element from every list, and so on for all corresponding index values in the lists. E.g. for these three lists, first = ['Bruce', 'Tommy Lee', 'Bruce'], last = ['Willis', 'Jones', 'Lee'], years = [1955, 1946, 1940] the result should produce 3 actors. The middle actor should be Tommy Lee Jones.
r := [,]
first.size.times |Int i| { r.add([first[i], last[i], years[i]]) }


List Combinations

Given two source lists (or sets), generate a list (or set) of all the pairs derived by combining elements from the individual lists (sets). E.g. given suites = ['H', 'D', 'C', 'S'] and faces = ['2', '3', '4', '5', '6', '7', '8', '9', '10', 'J', 'Q', 'K', 'A'], generate the deck of 52 cards, confirm the deck size and check it contains an expected card, say 'Ace of Hearts'.
r := [,]
["2","3","4","5","6","7","8","9","10","J","Q","K","A"].each |Str c|
{ ["H","D","C","S"].each |Str s| { r.add([c,s]) } }

q := ["A","H"]
result := r.contains(q)
echo("Deck size=${r.size}, contains $q? -> $result")

Perform an operation on every item of a list

Perform an operation on every item of a list, e.g.
for the list ["ox", "cat", "deer", "whale"] calculate
the list of sizes of the strings, e.g. [2, 3, 4, 5]
["ox", "cat", "deer", "whale"].map { it.size }

Split a list of things into numbers and non-numbers

Given a list that might contain e.g. a string, an integer, a float and a date,
split the list into numbers and non-numbers.
things := ["hello", 25, 3.14,]
numbers := things.findType(Num#)
nonNumbers := things.exclude { numbers.contains(it) }