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Check your language appears on the site

Your language name should appear within the HTML found at the main page.
assert new URL('').text.contains('groovy')

Send an email

Use library functions, classes or objects to create a short email addressed to your own email address. The subject should be, "Greetings from", and the user should be prompted for the message body, and whether to cancel or proceed with sending the email.
// numerous libraries exist, this uses ant
// needs these jars: mailapi.jar, smtp.jar, ant-javamail.jar, ant-nodeps.jar
new AntBuilder().with {
input(message:'Message to send:', addproperty:'body')
input(message:'Send email?', validargs:'y,n,Y,N', addproperty:'confirm')
condition(property:'abort') { matches(string:'${confirm}', pattern:'n|N') }
fail(if:'abort', 'Email send aborted by user')
mail(mailhost:'', mailport:'465', ssl:'on', user:'',
subject:'Greetings from', password:'your_password'){