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Display information about a date

Display the day of month, day of year, month name and day name of the day 8 days from now.
from datetime import datetime, timedelta

eightDaysFromNow = + timedelta(days=8)

print eightDaysFromNow.strftime('%d') # day of month
print eightDaysFromNow.strftime('%j') # day of year
print eightDaysFromNow.strftime('%B') # month name FULL
print eightDaysFromNow.strftime('%A') # day of week name FULL
DateTime date = DateTime.Today.AddDays(8);

Console.WriteLine("Day of month: " + date.Day);
Console.WriteLine("Day of year: " + date.DayOfYear);
Console.WriteLine("Month name: " + date.ToString("MMMM"));
Console.WriteLine("Day name: " + date.ToString("dddd"));

// The two ToString calls will use the current locale.
// To get localised month and day names, see

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