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Read the contents of a file into a string

val text = FileUtils.readFileToString(new File("Solution467.scala"))
val text = Source.fromFile("Solution1256.scala").mkString("")

Process a file one line at a time

Open the source file to your solution and print each line in the file, prefixed by the line number, like:
1> First line of file
2> Second line of file
3> Third line of file
val source = Source.fromFile(new File("Solution468.scala")).getLines
var n = 1 ; while (source.hasNext) { printf("%d> %s", n, ; n += 1 }
val source = Source.fromFile(new File("Solution469.scala")).getLines
for ((line, n) <- source zipWithIndex) { printf("%d> %s", (n + 1), line) }

Write a string to a file

FileUtils.writeStringToFile(new File("test.txt"), "This line overwites file contents!")
val fw = new FileWriter("test.txt") ; fw.write("This line overwites file contents!") ; fw.close()

Append to a file

val fw = new FileWriter("test.txt", true) ; fw.write("This line appended to file!") ; fw.close()

Process each file in a directory

for (file <- new File("c:\\").listFiles) { processFile(file) }

Process each file in a directory recursively

processDirectory(new File("c:\\"))